Monday, April 10, 2006

//SABBATH #4 - 10 October 2005//

Obviously, I didn't record anything for last weekend--I did not even remember until halfway through the week. Sad. Hopefully this journal will be better kept up with than other reflection journals of the past. It will probably end up as another loose end in my life. My life is full of loose
ends. At times they come back to haunt me--but often I must ignore them and pick them up some other time. One of those things this semester seems to be a sane life. It's sad, I spend nearly all of my time at school or doing homework. Literally, I get so very little's not healthy. I'm stretched to the limit often (I feel). Oftentimes I feel it is wearing on me. But then You make me realize that You are there with me and I need not worry about things I cannot really control. Lord, I am pulled quite tight--I pulled near apart, but You are there to give me peace, give me frame of mind. Last week was spent largely on being very busy--as will this week. Nick + Colleen's wedding was this weekend, it was quite fun--I do hope it was a blessing to the both of them. It was quite an honor to be one of Nick's groomsmen. In semesters past I've had problems relating with Nick [very different personalities] But lately...maybe out of maturity, maybe out of respect I have come to see him more and more as both a friend and a leader. I always saw him as a leader, but never felt especially close to him. But I can say now--he is a dear friend and he has helped effect and transform my life [greatly]. Everything that's different about his personality is what has been good in challenging me. His organization, his thought-out planning, his time management, hard work, and so forth. I could go on, but there's no need--I know who Nick is and how he has and is having an impact on my life. One thing I admire in him, and that I see in my father as well, is that he moves with great caution, and more consistent. (i.e. a good leader interprets change in a group or a social trend slowly, and thoughtfully...for often quick changes are poorly-planned and not completely thought through).

Homegroup last week was an awesome time. Just meeting and talking with the guys in an extended life group time. Then doing a discussion/teaching on having the "mindset of a servant". It was just a good time. Even it was very encouraging to have Ben help lead worship--it took a lot work off my hands... and it's just very cool to see Ben step into a sort of leadership/serving position. After homegroup Ben and I had a great meeting--and it actually felt like I encouraged and said something that helped him. I swear, I'm gonna miss that kid a lot next semester. This week I'm flying solo with Nick and Colleen gone on their honeymoon...I pray You'll help me, LORD. The only way for me to do it effectively will be for You to guide me. I pray for it. And I pray for Your peace, LORD. I pray for our freshmen as well, LORD. I pray You'll bring them around.


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