Monday, April 10, 2006

//SABBATH #5 - 16 October 2005//

I was left to tend to the homegrop in Nick and Colleen's absence this week. It was a very growing experience. I have now realized what a burden such a position is on the individual. Not that it is a bad weight--no, rather the opposite. But it is a testing weight. It makes a man consider what he is about, and what is really important in life. The week was a thoroughly busy one, as most this semester has been, and went by swiftly. A midterm I had on Wednesday clogged up the whole first half of the week (literally, I was up until 2am or 4am every night). But once again, the LORD has built a certain tolerance in me for such times. I do not get enough sleep, and go through times of misery [with the occasional breakdown], but the majority of it is spent in the happiness and joy of the LORD.

Once again, I may have mentioned this previously, but Danny Garcia is a continued blessing as of late. His growth as a man of God is ever more visible. His charge of the Monday night prayer time has been encouraging to say the least--he is one I nearly completely gave up on at the start of last semester (to put it lightly). We had our weekly meeting yesterday (Saturday) and it truly lifted my spirit for the rest of the day.

I will hopefully be able to go into detail in the future on all of the individuals in the homegroup who have thus blessed me--for these relationships and their unique circumstances I must not forget.

Lately, I am ever more thankful that discipline is rooting itself in my life. My prayer walks have accomodated to an early-evening schedule in response to my very late nights. My quiet times have largely taken hold of my early morning hours. I have moved on from Genesis to 1 Kings. Two things particularly hit me this week, 1) Despite being a man after God's own heart, David was a poor father and sadly did not properly pass on his godly faith [on to his sons] ... and it came back to haunt him at the end of his life. I dearly hope that my own continuing flaws do not haunt me in the end, or even when and if I have a family. I wish for holiness. 2) As dull as this may seem, the descriptions of the temple ornaments in chapter seven do tell me one thing--Solomon took great effort to please and serve the LORD in the task ordained to him by providing only the best materials and craftsmenship to glorify his Maker with excellency and thorough planning.

Going into homegroup on Thursday, I was honestly fairly scared. Though I had been praying for the time throughout the week...I was still fairly nervous because I was the only one in charge and also a lot of people had called saying they might not make it to homegroup after all. As always, there was not much need for worry; I had lifted it up to God...there's not much more I could do! And He did provide. Particularly in that Jeff Duncan and Chris Ronnander were there. A special note why this is encouraging: both of these men have a lot more life-experience than our younger guys...thus, they can both tell it straight and say what is really important because they've been through a lot more. It was also encouraging to see Ben take the helm with worship. Of course there were little awkward parts and so fort...but he did it with a servant's heart and had the right spirit about it. A wonderful praise report is that he might be able to take an internship with Charlie Kolarik in Oklahoma next semester. To keep growing spiritually, Ben
really wanted to go some place where he knew he would be challenged. I pray that You'll bring that to completion, LORD! You are a Good God, full of blessings for Your people!

One last note, I led worship this Saturday for the first time. It was a little rought around the edges, but it seemed like a good time. I am still divided with how much I enjoy being a "worship leader" on Sundays. It's not like homegroup worship, which is more akin to campfire sing-alongs...Sundays, I can get into worship at times, but it's more work than worship for me sometimes. I don't know, maybe I'll grow into that.

Wow, it's amazing weather tonight, LORD. I am on the second-floor breezeway overlooking the gardens behind the MSC. I've had many an afternoon with You here, LORD. Nature's beauty has a profound impact on me. This week while taking some prayer walks, I was awed by a near full moon as she broke through the trees. You are the Artist, LORD. Amen.


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