Saturday, May 13, 2006

//Sabbath #13 - 29 January 2006//

Things move. I don't have a terribly long time to journal tonight [which really translates to -- I didn't give myself enough time]. But there's my short summary: things move. They don't stay, they occasionally idle...but eventually move. As Sufjan Stevens sings, 'All things go, all things go...' This week saw the propulsion of the semester a little more into full swing. Thursday I had a good meeting with Mr. Garcia -- he was a little downtrodden a couple weeks back, but this past week he's been doing good spiritually. I lift him up to You, LORD. Friday afternoon I met with Bryan Tabor, much talk of how he's gonna have a busy semester [needs to keep his B's to stay in engineering]. I really do pray and hope that he'll take Discipleship class this semester though. He's much like a new Christian, it's exciting -- but I pray he'll keep striving after You. Jeff is supposed to start meeting with Nick Adams, I'm hoping that happens -- Jeff has grown so much since he's been here, we could really use him in helping out with leadership. This sounds like a very business-like entry, no? It felt somewhat business-like this week. Prayer time on Monday, homegroup on Thursday, Chinese Bible Study on Friday. I don't know, it's not that it was done was more the fact that all felt very organized and structured spiritually. For the better part of the week I felt keenly focused on the end goal and how we as a homegroup needed to get there. The end goal being of course to glorify Your Name.

We moved from the beginning of the week in which everyone seemed a bit anxious and unsure. Colleen was worried about closing their house and moving in, Jeff was stressed about getting an internship for the summer, Desire was facing a hard time emotionally...and then the week moved on and through much prayer many if not all of these trials were rested by You. Tuesday and Wednesday I was somewhat hard-pressed in deciding what You wanted me to teach about in homegroup. Sunday night on a prayer walk I felt that You told me, 'I already told you -- it's all about the child.' [I had asked You to tell me what to speak about]. I mean, generally, I was supposed to talk on 'Experiencing God' -- but there were many categories that were sort of candidates with that [it's a fairly general topic]. Wednesday, I felt You confirm that answer, You called me to talk about how our experiences with You effect our perception of You.

Thursday night, homegroup was a very good time. We had two new kids there -- Harry and Mary [ha!] and then Sonny came! Off all the craziness -- I hadn't seen him in forever! I pray You'll work in his heart so that he'll keep coming. Anyway, that's the short end of it. This weekend I had an emotional breakdown -- a quick one-hour affair. [...] It's also just hard on me with Ben not being here this semester. I didn't realize it until now, I guess he really is one of my best friends, period. There! That was all very un-business-like, if you will.


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